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How to get a wholesale price for your paintings
To get a wholesale price, please just contact us and send your images, or directly select art designs from our online
collection, with requirements such as size, quality and quantities. If you need a quote with shipping cost, please
also let us know destination country with post code for rolled paintings for shipping, or destination port for
stretched/framed paintings.

How do we work out the price

The price depends on the contents complexity of the artwork you offer, such as the style ( abstract, photorealism,
impressionism, classicalism...), technique, background, size, quantity of each order, quality levels of the paintings
and canvas material (polyester, cotton or linen) your required, and how much time will be involved per work. It's
very important to provide pictures to us for evaluating cost. The detailed aspects affecting the price and quality
are elaborated as below.
a. Artist's talent, experience and skill
1). Top artists. They could be professors, lecturers or first-honor graduates from Art Universities or institutes and
they have strong painting knowledge and creation capacity. They should be able to grasp the core and spirit of all
kinds of reproductions and can do original work. They are often engaged in top quality reproductions of
masterpieces and original artwork. The wage of these artists is very high. They are appropriate to work for super-
top quality oil painting.
2). Senior artists. They could be lecturer or graduates from art universities or institutes and have many years'
experience in oil painting commerce. They can develop new commercial oil paintings according to customer's design
request. They are good at reproductions of high quality oil paintings and have capacity to grasp the spirit of original
oil paintings. They are often assigned with high quality oil painting work.
3). Junior artists: Most of them graduated from art universities or institutes, but some of them grow up from
apprentice. They are good at the commercial oil painting work and have many years painting experience and they
constitute the major production force in our factory. They could become the leaders of a group of apprentices and
engaged in a certain subject of oil paintings. They can control the painting work in quick way and work for large
volume of economic, medium or high quality oil paintings.
4). Apprentices and new painters: They could be new graduates from art universities or institute, even high school.
They should have a certain art basis before painting. Their painting works are supervised by junior artists and they
work for large volume of economic, low quality oil paintings.

2. Quality level of oil painting in current world market
1). economic quality. The oil paintings with such quality level occupy a large percentage of volume in quantity and
cover all kinds of the subjects. But, comparing with the original version of the oil painting, the reproductions are
often modified by painters to speed the painting process. Some components of the oil painting may be removed in
the reproduction. The painting may not be exactly like the original ones.
2). Medium quality. At this level, the basic consistency between reproduction and original ones are assured. But,
some detailing and layers of colors may be missing.
3). High quality: This level of oil painting will approach the original quality. Components, brushwork, tone, level of
colors will be presented well. The detailing will approach the original ones.
4). Top quality: It could be assured that reproduction is almost consistent with original artwork. Components,
brushwork, tone, level of colors should be presented about 90~95% at such level. In some cases, the reproduction
may even replace the original one. Such level must be painted by senior or top artists.
See different quality levels samples, please click here

3. Complexity of Oil Painting Content
The complexity means multiple elements in the composition of the oil painting and multiple paints layers in the
surface. The price of the oil painting is directly related with complexity of the main components of the paintings.
Though the size of the oil paintings is sometimes same, their price could be different for the different.
From the point view of the complexity, the subjects could be classified into several categories:
1). Multiple persons, multiple animals, or very complex landscape etc.
2). Single person and animal
3). Complex landscape and still life, etc.
4). Simple landscape and still life etc.
5). Complex home decorating ones
6). Simple home decorating ones

4. Color tone and layers
The different tone will affect the cost of oil painting.
Solid tone: It requires a few paint layers in painting and is easy to paint. The oil painting with such feature could be
painted in a quick way.
Gray tone: It requires multiple paint layers to obtain the perfect color effect and it is technique challenging. The
painter who works for the oil painting of more gray-tone should be well trained and talented. The painting time is
longer than solid tone.

5. Brushwork
Realistic: Painting requirement is rigorous. Multiple painting layers are required. The painting time is longer and the
painter should be qualified.
Modern: This category includes impressional style oil painting. Small brushwork will take more effort. The oil painting
looks softer. Big brushwork will take a little effort and could be painted quickly.

6. Size
The painting area is in terms of size. The painting cost is directly related with area.

7. Painting time
The price is proportional to painting time with a certain factors. The factor is mainly determined by artists' position.
The weight factor for senior and top artists is big while that for junior artists is small.

Oil Painting Pricing Guide

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