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Refine Gallery respects anybodys any rights, including the intellectual property, and we ask our users to do the same. If
the information & pictures displayed on violate your intellectual property rights, please contact us and we
will deal with it properly.

We appreciate that we have a chance to become one of your suppliers, all your OEM paintings would not be listed on our
site or reused for other purposes without your permission unless well have your authorization. This site gives buyers the
largest options for choosing artworks. Some pictures and original image material on this online gallery are collected from
opened source on Internet, whose copyright is not reserved by Refinegallery, but their author or legal holder.

Refine Gallery, as an oil painting reproduction supplier, doesn't have much supervisory controlling capability of illegal
pictures reproducing and piracy. However, Refine Gallery is obligated to remove those illegal pictures or infringed images
and stops related business activity. Refine Gallery doesn't undertake the due obligations of such infringement caused by
the third party,while the infringer should take the legal responsibility; meanwhile, Refine Gallery deletes all infringed
images and won't be responsible for other obligations derived from this infringement.

Any holder finds their copyright is infringed, please present Refine Gallery related copyright notice in time. Also, please
send ID certification, copyright proof, picture URL and detailed infringing info to Working in with
copyright holder, Refine Gallery staff will remove the infringed picture information and stop all related business activity
within 5 business days, when they get these legal documents.

When you use the pictures from Refine Gallery or related links for business, please settle the copyright yourself once meet. 
All pictures committed to copyright on Refine Gallery is just for your enjoyment, otherwise please settle the copyright
yourself before you book with us.

Copyright Responsibility Avoidence Declaration

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