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We provide 3 different quality leves of oil painting reproductions, here are samples for reference, before you place an
order, please consider carefully which quality level matches your budget.

Top quality:
It is painted by our best and professional artists, the reproductions will resemble original painting in components,
brushwork, tone, levels of colour, details and proportion nearly 90~95%. Such level must be painted by senior or top 
artists who have strong painting knowledge and creation capacity. All of the detail is very sharp and precise clearly.
It is especially good for reproduction of famous oil paintings.

High quality: 
It is painted by our experienced artists. It will approach the original quality. Components, brushwork, tone, level of
colors will be presented well. The details will approach about 80% of the original painting.

Medium quality:
It is painted by amateru artists, the reproductions may not be able to resemble the original as good as top quality
reproductions, in order to bring you satisfied artworks, our artist inspire and educate them to maintain the quality and
accuracy, some detailing and layers of colors may be missing. The key component is well done, also the integrality
can maintain to well acceptable level. It is all right to decorate and the price is appropriate. It is purchased usually by
wholesalers for people who like just the colors or the subjects in the painting.
Sample of

Oil Painting Reproductions

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