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Portait Paintings Wholesale from China Portrait Art Studio
One Portrait Painting is also for Sale with Wholesale Price
100% hand-painted
100% satisfaction guarantee
Worldwide Shipping Fast & Easy
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As a Chinese portrait painting supplier in Xiamen, we supply cusotmized portrait paintings for many online galleries,
oil painting wholesales and portrait photography studios worldwide. Our professional portrait painters turn your photos
into beautiful paintings. Whether you are a wholesale, a retailer or a personal buyer, we offer portrait painitngs at
wholesale price, no minimum quantity limited. When you custom portrait paintings from some famous Online Galleries
such as E-bay and others, almost more than 80% customized portrait paintings and paintings from photo are painted
by our portraits painters in Xiamen China. So why not just order directly from us to get the first hand price and to
SAVE  40% and more COST? We are always finding the best portraits artists to paint your photos with the best
quality and competitive price. Your ordered portrait paintings could be paitned as any size, any orientation. We can
not only paint your any favorite photo but also can change any existing portrait or photo as your request. We can
add or delete people from your portrait painting, we can remove or change background or jewelry,  we can change
color of clothing, and even we can change your portrait into any style.

Which portrait paintings we can do from your photo
oil portrait paintings:
   photograph to realistic portraits & impressionistic portraits
   magical portrait paintings combined from different photos
   pop portrait paintings from photo
   colorful photo to black & white portraits
   black & white photo to colorful portraits
watercolor portrait paintings
pencil drawing portrait paintings
pastel portrait paintings
charcoal portrait paintings
crayon portrait paintings
gouache portrait paintings

How to custom your Portrait Painting
Step1: Send us your photo to via email with your detail requirement;
             Please ensure your photo is a minimum of 100Kb in size.
Step2: We will write back to confirm the information and the price;
Step3: After the payment our artists will paint it and adjust to your redemand at any time;
Step4: Subject to your final confirmation we will send you the oil painting in durable packing materials.

Important notes about Custom Your Portrait Painting from Photo
Photo figure and background is different complex,  the cost of paintings will be various. If any objects (backgrounds
such as trees, chairs, house and etc.) need to be removed from the picture, please notice us. Prices can be higher
depending on sizes, complexity, costumes, backgrounds etc...  Please send us your photo for evaluation.
Please notice us your desired size and orientation of your ordered portrait painting, we will customize that for you.
The corresponding price will be quoted for you quickly.
Please select a good photo and send it to us for painting. Choosing the right photo is important. The more details on
the photos and the better the paintings will be. The best pose are taken with an element of surprise; in moments of
deep thoughts or daydreaming, while laughing or talking, while working or reading. The key is avoiding mechanical
poses or fake and force smiles like your school book picture.
It is no problem for us to paint half body or full body. Please tell us which part you want to present on the canvas if
Please describe color of eyes, hair, skin, jewelries and other details if they are unclear in the photo.